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Hey! Welcome you’re here because your either an Artiste, DJ, Producer or a record label but whichever class you belong to that’s not a problem because your on the right path.

We aim to bring not just music but the latest from all aspects and gengre of South African culture including South African countries as there seems to be a gap with the growing South Africa music and the internet as a whole.

With that in mind!

We have provided with South Africans an unlimited server where we would upload music, mixtape and many more including videos to our server and everything would appear online for FREE!

Is this a joke?

Of course not

What you simply do is that you

Send us a Message with the title of your music and your stage name

• Your Album Art or graphics

• The music to be uploaded

• A little bio about yourself, music and the gengre of music

• After uploaded we would send you the post link for you to share to your friends and family

• All this Package for FREE

How Do We Handle The Traffic?

We got very good servers both host and domain and the uploaded music is hosted on a cloud file encrypted storage which never gets deleted.

Our Moderators would look at the information you’ve sent and then screen them before posting

Note: Your music appers in less than 24hrs of request.

So to get your music live now on our platform kindly message us through

Whatsapp Group Link:

Click Here to Join Whatsapp Group


Note: Kindly use our WhatsApp for faster response


If you want your music to be on the front page for 1 week also make the request but that’s not free.