Reah – Butterflies

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Let’s be real, some songs you hear and they remind you of being at home in warmth and spring cleaning with your mom, haha. Right? That metro fm vibe on a Sunday!? If that’s your scene, then you definitely need to check out this artist.

Her name is Reah, a 22 year old vocalist who was born and bred in Taung. She recorded her first song in 2015, and after working on her art continuously, she’s literally back to give us Butterflies. The butterflies sensation is generally feeling happy when you around a particular person. On the song Reah is expressing that feeling to her partner.

Butterflies is a song that expresses the kind of genuine love one has for someone; the kind of love that makes you whole, The kind love that accepts your good qualities and your flaws because it understands that they are all part of who you are.

DOWNLOAD: Reah – Butterflies