Christian Heath – Fight For Love

Fight For Love Artwork Christian Heath 795x385 - Christian Heath - Fight For Love

Christian Heath’s new Single “Fight For Love Mp3” is out now!

Christian Heath drops his first release of 2020 and this is titled “Fight For Love” this song is entirely lovely i would confess “Standing on the edge to fight for love” that part got me.

Christian Heath feels that it is time for South Africa to experience his new sound starting with “Fight For Love” which is a part 1 modern rock ballad, of a 4 part concept series.

It can be seen that Christian is heading in a different direction in image and sound, by new movements on his social media and the release of his cover version of Post Malone’s “Circles”. This may be a change in direction, but it is not an unfamiliar one for Christian’s long-standing rock fans as “Fight for Love” is a powerful, anthemic rock ballad that is a return to Christian’s rock roots, with a new modern edge.

The lyrics express a story about love and fighting for it. Whether it be love for another person, love for your dreams and passions, or love for what you believe in. It is the first taste of what is to be expected in Christian’s 4 part concept series about love. In this 4 part concept series, each song, artwork, visualiser, lyric, and music video tell a story that fits alongside the other 3 single releases to come.

Christian Heath expresses: “Fight For Love” is about standing together and fighting for something more positive which is bigger than every person within themselves.

While writing this track the aim was to create a big anthem sound and make sure everyone has a positive impact from this track.”

Christian decided to release this song, specifically during the lockdown, in the hope of musicians sticking together, and staying strong in their fight for their greatest love – music. It also encourages the fight to keep the music industry alive during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

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