10 Years of NuLu – Vol. 02

10 Years of NuLu - Vol. 02
continue to celebrate 10 of Anane’s vision named (Nothing Ultimately Leaves Us). is an independent label letting the world know about a genre we now know as .
10 Years of Nulu compilation ‘Past Present ’ summer edition includes twelve amazing tracks ready to bring your soul to life.
1.Sundae & Nomhle – Xhosa Tribe (’s Bapedi Ritual Remix Remastered)
2.Le Croque – Innervisions (Original Mix)
3.FNX OMAR – Freeka (Original Mix)
4.Diephuis – Do Not Cry (Original Mix)
5.Tony Loreto – U Are (Original Mix)
6.DJ Spax-Vybz – Keep Moving (Original Mix)
7.Monnet & Tarantini – Stratosphere (Original Mix)
8. – Bumblebee (Original Mix)
9.Spellband – Miramar (Original Mix)
10.Florian Sagner – Trumpet Mantra (Trumpet Mantra DJAV Remix Remastered)
11.Manybeat – Ananedoo (Original Mix)
12.Paul Deep & Sheyi – Alafia ( Vocal Spirit Mix Remastered)

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